Voice Vision Matrimonial

It is rightly said, "The first bond of society is marriage." Every individual awaits the arrival of that one special person who could be his / her companion for life. We take a small step in this direction, and attempt to bring about a leap of difference to a person’s life.

"Marriages are made in heaven, and are consummated on earth." So, we welcome you or anyone else that you know that may be interested, to get registered with us. This matrimonial section is open to all. It’s not restricted just for the visually impaired or other physically & mentally challenged individuals. So go ahead and get registered, and who knows you may just find your soul mate!

3 Easy steps to getting started

  1. Edit your profile: Login/Register
  2. Use section below to find your match
  3. Go to the profile of potential match and click on Contact

Voice Vision Matrimonial service is subject to Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions.

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